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The most amazing wax seal kit in a petal infused handmade paper box, containing a brass wax seal with wooden handle, 2 brass melting spoons, wax beads in a pretty glass jar in gold & mixed colours and a candle!

The handmade paper box makes it look so beautiful and contains,
The wax seal made in brass which means they'll last a lifetime and the wooden handle makes it look  all the more elegant!
The coloured beads to melt in the spoon in gold, and another in a mixed shade. 
The gold melting spoon & candle are used to melt the  wax & pour!  

The blank seal can be made fun by adding gold flakes, dried flowers, stickers etc., or you can get it customised too!

Kindly note - All Custom orders hae a 5 day processing time.

Wax Seal Kit

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