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These elegant penholders are unique in that they are able to be used either as straight or oblique penholder. It has a compartment to hold nibs inside the body.

They are also interchangeable so you can create your own favourite colour combinations, as I know you wont just purchase one. 

6 colors available:  English Rose,Purple Sand, Mint Leaf, Golden Sunshine, Copper Sunrise , Moonlight Shadow.

  • Material: ABS Plastic, flange material is brass
  • Size:170mm length
  • nibs compartment 47.5 x 7mm for 2 to 3 regular nibs
  • grip size: fingers 10mm, widest point 13.8mm
  • some nibs fit without taking the flange out, for others please remove the flange, insert the nib and put the flange back in place

Moblique 2-in-1 Penholder Chrome

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Colour: copper sunrise