Demystifying Calligraphy and Lettering

The Book
Demistifying Copperplate Calligraphy and Modern Lettering

It won’t matter if you have poor handwriting, no artistic instinct, or have been trying for far too long, because  by the end of this book, you will have all the tips, tricks, do’s & don’ts which would have otherwise taken years know and become a master calligrapher & lettering artist!

Shubhangi demystifies the world of calligraphy and lettering in this tell all book, where you’ll learn about

  • Starting your journey with correct knowledge

  • Posture, Placement, & Guidelines

  • Basic & Professional Calligraphy Tools

  • Different kinds of Inks, Paper etc.

  • Taking care of all your supplies, such as preventing nibs from rust.

  • Troubleshooting common problems

  • Tips to improve your script

  • Practicing properly

and finally

  • Selling your calligraphy, professionally!


Topics Covered


Calligraphy Kits are a great way to Learn & Practice

The Diiferent ones we have

Limited Edition Kit

Perfect to gift yourself or your loved one, this kit comes with pretty supplies & keepsakes that's sure to put a smile on the face! It makes for a good gift with calligraphed name on handmade paper box & looks extremely pleasing to the eye!

Ultimate Starter Kit

The ULTIMATE kit for beginners &  serious improvers with our best selling traceable practice pad & most renowned supplies from across the world for learners - The Moblique, Nikko G & practice perfect Walnut Ink!

Calligraphy Practice Kit

Suitable for those who've already begun their journey with calligraphy, this kit contains all the items suitable to help you improve such as our Guidesheets pad, the Engrossers' ruler perfect to draw guidelines & Sumi ink, the most often used ink for comissions  apart from holder & nib!

Kit With Sumi Ink

A simple kit for those who are looking to get their hands on the best supplies they can use for not just practice but to calligraph items for their friends, family or to sell!

Kit With Walnut Ink

A kit that's most suitable for beginners looking to invest reasonably in supplies for their learning & practice. The Walnut ink is mostly suitable for practice with it's consistency & Nikko G is the most recommended nib for beginners!